Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brewers' Ryan Braun - drugs cheat

Mixed emotions on Ryan Braun's drug suspension - obviously disappointed in someone that I admired - but delighted to see some action being taken by the sport. He got off 2 years ago (in his MVP season) on what was assumed to be a technicality - no doubt making the authorities more determined to catch him.

However the suspension is a bit of a joke - he'll miss the rest of the season - 65 games in a 162 game season. Brewers bottom of their division, already out of contention, no real impact.

Interesting reaction from the Brewers' owner - e-mail to all fans:

Even more interesting is that he's PAYING FANS TO TURN UP:

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board tc said...

MLB still has not go it's house in order and got serious about drugs. Here are the pictures of the MLB players suspended in the Biogenesis PED

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