Saturday, 13 April 2013

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival last night. Each film was better than the previous, world class.

Here are the trailers for movies which played.

Wide Boyz - Two unknown English lads attempt to beat the best American climbers on their own turf, including an attempt on Century Crack, the toughest climb of its kind on the planet. 'Off-Width' (crack) climbers really are a different breed, hard nuts.

Strength in Numbers - Mountain-Biking in the Swiss alps, and local teenagers with incredible skills in an urban bike park in California.

Flow Hunters - White-water kayaking on the South Island's west coast, and Tree Trunk Gorge near Taupo.

Crossing the Ice - Highlight of the night. Two Aussies with little skills or experience attempt to become the first to hike from the Antarctic edge to South Pole and back, unassisted. A Norwegian starts out to do the same one day before them, so this is a race as well as a battle of survival. Gripping.


Being There - Skiing in Norway. Does what it says on the tin, incredible skills and scenery.

Honnold 3.0 - Alex Honnold attempts to free-solo 3 of the biggest walls in Yosemite (El Cap and Half-Done included). Crazy enough, except he aims to do it in 24 hours.

Lily Shreds Tailside - Super short, Lily is a Jack Russel. Just watch.

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